Inspiring, Interactive and Applicable
These sessions are customized for Conference Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, and Association Event Presentations.
Using The Other 80% of Your Brain
Communication and Presentation Skills

Undoubtedly you have heard that we may only be using 10 -20% of our brain's potential. So what about the other 80 -90%?

This program shares how to tap in to the listener's subconscious using body language and voice, speaking beyond the conscious mind and getting your message heard and understood.

The information and techniques can be used in presentations, job interviews, meetings, feedback sessions; essentially all work or personal situations in which you desire your message to be deliberate and memorable.

Oh Yeah, Make Me
How Different (or Similar) Are They?

“I was told to be here”

“How long will this last?”

“I’ve done this kind of training before.”

Everyone agrees that improving skills and knowledge increases productively, and no matter the level of experience, all trainers dread dealing with negative participants, so you will be pleased to discover that it is possible to quickly and easily transform them into focused, contributing learners. In this enjoyable and energizing session, you will be guided through simple techniques that will instantly shift this type of participant thinking, whether expressed verbally or non-verbally, allowing you to keep the focus on your content and learning objectives, instead of battling with their smartphones and struggling to win their attention.

Redefining Smart
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

IQ vs. EQ: We all know Intelligence of the academic variety and how it is measured, but how bright are you outside of the classroom? Here you need another type of resourcefulness to be successful.

With an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and the five distinctions that make up these non-cognitive abilities, we can determine your current level of emotional awareness through self-assessment and examine how to apply strategies to use these components to increase your effectiveness.

The Workplace Generation Gap
How Different (or Similar) Are They?

The differences can be glaring: music, fashion, what's “hot”…

And for us in the workplace, we find the same can be true for the motivation and retention strategies of these different age groups. In this program, we will not only look at the differences and similarities, but examine ways to appeal to and honor all generations with regard to collaboration, inspiration and retention.

The One Minute Marketer
Networking Skills That Make You Stand Out

In an age of high-tech light-speed communication still the best tool in marketing yourself, in personal effectiveness and in career development, is the face to face human interaction opportunity that offers a chance for real connection.

This lively session provides tools and techniques that you can use immediately to help you be clear, credible and memorable!